The Raven Behind The Writing Desk

Who is “the Raven Behind the Writing Desk”?

That would be me. And who am I?

I am known as Bill the Book Keeper and by that I don’t mean accounts.

I have a knack for building poetry and I like myself a bit of writing. I have had a very wide and varied upbringing, from city life to farm life and much more. I have in the past taken on the role of a student at the University of Aberdeen, UK where I study computer science. I live by several mottos, the main of witch would be, “Why wallow in ‘what ifs’ when you can’t change the past.” or “Life is like a box of Roses, if you wait to long you are left with the toffees.”

I am yet to find love but I’m not giving up. Now more than ever I feel that love is there for me to find I just need to keep looking. Nearly every love poem on here is about someone I know or knew and at some point had an effect on my life. I may not have found that special someone but I believe that 2014 will be my year and I will find love.  Scratch that, found it… Well found him… and called it, 2014 has been amazing so far…

So as you can see, the Raven would be none other than a twenty two year old university student expressing himself to the world and his Writing Desk of choice would be right here on Creatively Become Indifferent or for the more Twitter minded #CreativelyBecomeIndifferent.

ALL poems are my own and ALL poems are covered by a standard copyright. It is illegal to use these poems for anything other than sharing on social media sites. It is also illegal to claim these poems as your own. Poems can only be reused for other purposes than social media with written permission from the Author.

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