About Me

I finally thought I would post a proper about me page now that I have been writing poetry for nearly three years.

Who Am I?

Let me give you a summary of who I am. I have just left university and entered the word of Software Development in Scotland, UK. For nearly three years now I have kept Creatively Become Indifferent going as a side project alongside my university work and other creative projects.

Why Creatively Become Indifferent?

The name took a lot for me to come up with. I actually spent some time trying other names and I just so happened to pick a time I was suffering from authors block. So I sat down and tried to work out why I was having trouble writing and I noticed I had Become Indifferent to Creativity. After making that realisation I decided to use Creatively Become Indifferent as a temporary name before choosing something more permanent. But now I have grown attached to Creatively Become Indifferent so it is staying.

What Was The Aim?

The aim of this blog was to spread my poetry and challenge myself to writing in forms of poetry I had never used before. Prior to opening this blog I was diagnosed with dyslexia and basically told that I would never be able to do anything with writing because of my ‘disability’. Now don’t get me wrong there have been time I have struggled to find the correct spelling of words or correct punctuation but I was not willing to let other people tell me I could not write. So I continued writing and alongside another major project still in the works this has been my largest writing project.

When Will It End?

Some of you will be asking that because you would like it put down out of kindness but some of you will also be asking it so you can prepare yourself for its end. In 2014 I attempted to end the blog but after some complaints about ending it so abruptly I came back and shook it up. Before the first attempt to end it I posted everything on the blog from poetry through to short stories and even sections of my other major project but after reviving it I decided to shake it up and focus on posting one thing. Now the blog is aimed solely at poetry. Sorry I have diverted from the question… I don’t know is the only answer I can give right now. But I will warn you before I do it this time.

Where Can I Get Ahold Of You?

Understandably I am not willing to give out personal information on here so if you have any genuine queries or questions feel free to post them in comments below. There is also the option of emailing The Blog Email address but I am not always checking that inbox.


Anyway, Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the posts to come.

And please feel free to



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